What Can a Private Investigator Do For You?

private investigator services

It is difficult to describe what a private investigator can do in a short sentence, because each case is different and needs to be approached differently.

Below, we have put together a short list of various things a private investigator can do for a client.

50 Things a Private Investigator Can Do

1. Find a current address
2. Find former addresses
3. Find a date of birth
4. Identify known aliases
5. Identify and/or confirm a Social Security number
6. Locate birth records
7. Locate death records
8. Locate marriage records
9. Locate divorce filings
10. Locate a missing person
11. Identify and confirm educational history
12. Identify and confirm previous employment history
13. Identify online networking profiles
14. Research presence on social networks or message boards
15. Locate home phone numbers
16. Locate cell phone numbers
17. Identify owner of home or cell phone number
18. Research familial history
19. Locate long-lost relatives
20. Locate federal criminal records
21. Retrieve and analyze federal, civil and criminal records
22. Locate state and local criminal arrest records
23. Retrieve and analyze state criminal records
24. Retrieve mug shots from arrest records
25. Locate federal civil lawsuits

27. Interview witnesses for a civil or criminal lawsuit
28. Conduct surveillance
29. Discreet intelligence gathering
30. Knock on doors
31. Search for hidden assets
32. Conduct business intelligence
33. Locate bank account information
34. Locate current or former employees of a company
35. Interview current or former employees of a company
36. Research current and / or past property holdings
37. Retrieve and analyze bankruptcy records
38. Locate a beneficiary for a probate proceeding
39. Locate probate records
40. Locate significant inheritances
41. Provide litigation support
41. Arranging and taking depositions from primary witnesses
42. Serving subpoenas along with other paperwork
43. Identify people for process service
44. Background checks on prospective jurors
45. Analyze documents for potential fraud
46. Obtain driving record history
47. Find current vehicle registrations
48. Find past vehicle registrations
49. Check the validity of professional licenses
50. Help you manage sensitive situations

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