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Our Approach

Putting your needs first is very important to us.

Answering any questions the client may have with the utmost respect and clarity is essential to what we do as private investigators.

We will always go the extra distance to establish a safe and compassionate relationship with our clients. We are committed to providing results on all our cases.


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Private Investigator: Peyman

After a decade of experience working as an investigator Peyman uses both traditional and modern methods to operate his investigative cases.

He utilizes having a in detail meeting with his clients to identify their specific needs. After recognizing a clients unique needs and situation he then works strategically to accomplish the results required to help his clients reach their goals and provide them with the evidence needed to win their case. 

Due to his prompt response and attention to detail Peyman leaves no stone unturned and goes the distance needed to accomplish the task at hand. 

Using the knowledge of working hundreds of cases over the years Peyman keeps on fine tuning his skills as a Private Investigator in order to resolve his clients needs faster and more efficiently.