Child Custody

Child Custody

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Child Custody Investigation

Child custody is one of the most common cases that we deal with here at Javan Investigations. It usually involves two adults going through a divorce or break up and an innocent child or children.

In order for a Child custody cases to be successful, it usually involves involves three key elements.

The number one key element is timing. Timing is important because it allows us to have a sufficient amount of time to gather together all of our evidence before your court hearing. The longer we have between the time you attain our services and your next court hearing, the more substantial amount of evidence that can be gathered, hence strengthening your case.

The second key element is establishing a pattern of behavior or pattern of action. Almost all judges and counties would like to make their decision based on a pattern of behavior rather than a single incident. Pattern of behavior shows a persons routine and day-to-day activities both with or without the child. This establishes the environment the child lives in and their overall safety.

The third key element is communication between client and private investigator. There are events that may occur in a client’s daily life in which the private investigator needs to be informed about. On the flip side, it is also the responsibility of the private investigator to always communicate with his clients to ensure everyone is on the same page. Getting the best results and outcome for a court case is the ultimate goal of any good private investigator.

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