The Javan Investigations team offers endless technical surveillance counter measure (TSCM) tactics. TSCM is also commonly known as eavesdropping detection and bug-sweeping. The TSCM services are conducted in a diverse fashion. The services are piloted, but not limited to private rooms/spaces, vehicles, private aircraft, yachts, cell phone, corporate apartment, office settings, private residences, fax machines, office equipment, and telephones.

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Javan Investigation operatives are also able to conduct a full sweep of your surrounding to check for the presence of hidden GPS or other tracker systems. Other tools our detectives utilize include bug sweeps, counterespionage, counter surveillance, counterespionage consulting, and eavesdropping detection. Javan Investigations has conducted cyber TSCM and anti-surveillance services for businesses, corporate counsels, non-profit organizations, celebrities, private individuals, chief executives and high net-worth individuals.

Javan Investigations is able to take things a step further by providing additional countermeasures that can mitigate or prevent the effects/threats to a network, server, or computer. This measure is highly recommended to prevent the occurrence of a malicious or incidental adverse event that could compromise your organization’s assets or integrity of your electronic system.