Ethics in Private Investigation

Ethics concept
Private investigators have to deal with legal and ethical questions daily. Sometimes under pressure from clients and even lawyers or other colleagues, some private investigators do things they should not. They forget that laws are for everyone. Moreover, private investigators can do a lot of robust investigation while following the laws.

Some folks seem to think that Private Investigators have almost superhero secretive powers, but it is important to remember that we’re all human and held to the same legal and ethical rules as the client or the person being investigated. There is often a lot of public misunderstanding and misinformation about what private investigators do.

Sometimes clients come in and they are in a jam and they are very anxious. They are willing to spend a lot of money to find a solution to their problem so that they may feel more at ease and less under pressure. For instance, some people hire private investigators if they think their spouse is having an affair or if their business partner is possibly involved in suspicious activity. In such case we will be honest with you and we will not take advantage of you, as others may do. We will tell you exactly what we can do and what the law allows. We will also give you various rates and terms and conditions for your case, making every thing very clear. We will not make any false promises.

We hold ourselves by high standards. We truly believe that it is honesty and integrity that keeps any private investigation practice alive and thriving and that the best way to stay in business and grow our private investigation practice is to run an honest, professional operation, without bias towards anyone. This is what sets our business apart from other private investigators and keeps clients coming to us.

We are very familiar with the laws in our jurisdiction; this means that we will not subject ourselves and our clients to civil liability or engage in any activities that may result in a suspension of our license and criminal charges. We gather facts and information ethically and legally at all times, so that they may be of use to you legally and admissible in court.