Five Most Common Private Investigator Cases

Private investigator cases

Private investigators have an important role in the society. We often work on cases which other professionals are not equipped to handle and we also serve an important function in the Court System and the business world.

The following are some of the common cases that private investigators take:

Background Checks

Many clients come to us for background checks and some hire us for background investigations. We have the expertise and the tools to look at someone’s past, such as a person’s criminal history, credit, address history, professional history and social connections. A background check can often reveal critical information that a person may want to know before making an important decision about involving a new person in his or her life. We can help you to confirm that someone is who, he or she is claiming to be, and also whether the person is safe to be around. A background checks are used for employment purposes or acceptance into an apartment complex. Background checks may also be conducted when a person gets romantically involved with another person or is entering a business partnership. There are different levels of background investigations. We can also go deeper in a particular area and investigate the person. This depends on how far you want to go.


Surveillance is the attempt to uncover sensitive and confidential information, within the legal guidelines. It involves tracking and following someone. Surveillance can be carried out for nearly any type of private investigation, including infidelity, employee misconduct, workers’ compensation, corporate fraud, or locating a missing person. A person may require surveillance if he or she believes another person is trying to harm him or her in some way. Surveillance may also be ordered in civil investigations, such as when an insurance company is attempting to acquire evidence about a person who alleges a serious injury.

Family Law Investigations

Many clients seek our help with family related legal issues. These are the issues that may arise during the marriage including divorce, property settlements, and child custody and child support. We are often hired in order to gather evidence to use in civil trials that center on these family legal matters. We have the ability to locate hidden assets and we can help with identifying cohabitation or unreported income. We may also be hired to help find or locate a missing family member. It is our job to get you the evidence your need in court.

Infidelity Investigations

We are sometimes contacted to investigate suspicions of a cheating spouse. We are often be able to take pictures or video of the cheating or suspicious behavior. We can also prepare a detailed report of what was discovered and we can testify in court on your behalf. We have the expertise and the experience necessary to do this right. Being cheated on is a terrible thing. But the least you can do is to protect yourself the best way possible when it comes to compensation. When you are reasons to suspect but you don’t know, we can help you to know the truth.

Various Investigations

We also conduct other kinds of investigations and take a variety of other kinds of cases. We deal with cases involving insurance fraud, workers compensation, suspicious activities, suspicious business partner, witness backgrounds, many more issues. In investigating these types of cases, we are often able to find information that would otherwise go undiscovered and unknown.

How Private Investigators Work

Private investigators often use a variety expertise and tools to help aid in their investigations. We have access to special databases only available to law enforcement or investigators. We can also conduct interviews of a subject’s neighbors, colleagues, and acquittances. In addition, we can try to keep track of a subject’s movements and transactions. In this way, we can uncover new information for you. We also provide other kinds of assistance. We can provide photographs or video surveillance. We provide you with a report indicating the kind of evidence found. We can also testify at court hearings regarding what we observed.

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