Hidden Assets

Hidden assets recovery is another one of the specialty areas covered by Javan Investigations. The Javan Investigations team has conducted concealed asset searches throughout the nation and the searches include brokerage accounts, hidden bank accounts, vehicles, real estate property, and aircraft, etc. Other related investigations also include asset verification, place of employment verification and residence verification.

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Typically, assets are identified for the execution of child support cases, probate matters, litigation matters, and personal injury or malpractice settlements.

Our licensed detectives are able to provide you with thorough asset investigations and are able to obtain financial profiles of companies and individuals. The methodologies practiced are not only discreet but also in compliance with all provisions of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, Credit Reporting Act and the Graham Leach Bailey Act. Our findings can be utilized for permissibility purposes. When an asset investigation is conducted, the finding results are provided to the client in which he or she may utilize to support their civil or criminal proceedings, court order (subpoena) or restraining order.