How Does a Private Investigator Prove Infidelity

Cheating husband

If a spouse has reason to believe that his or her partner is cheating, a private investigator may be hired to help confirm this suspicion. We can help to protect a person’s legal and financial interests by finding certain evidence and complete specific tasks before the divorce is final. We can help you enter divorce proceedings with more accurate and verified details.

Reasons for Hiring a Private Investigator for Infidelity Cases

In some cases, a spouse suspects that their partner is cheating and they simply want to confirm this suspicion before initiating divorce proceedings. The other spouse may deny an affair and the innocent spouse may want us to get to the bottom of this and find out what is actually happening. A private investigator can help to obtain the evidence you need to make an informed decision about your own relationship and this evidence can ultimately be used in court. We can also testify in court about what we saw and recorded. Adultery can have a major impact on divorce. Some courts often allow the innocent spouse a higher amount of marital assets. Adultery can also have an effect on custody, visitation, alimony and property division.

Privacy Concerns

Some cheaters assume that their right to privacy protects them from being investigated and found out. But they are mistaken. In the age of cell phones and the ability to capture video and audio on demand, this right is shrinking. Many private investigators perform surveillance as part of their routine job. They are accustomed to following someone without being detected. We can take pictures or video of the subject so that there is objective evidence and proof of the party’s actions. The private investigator may be able to get footage of the couple engaging in romantic activity or other suspicious activity in a bar, a hotel or inside a car. We may also be able to place a hidden video camera in a location that is owned or under the control of the client. A private investigator can also create special reports that summarize this information for presentation in court.

Don’t hire a Friend to Uncover Infidelity

Here is a warning: don’t hire your friends to do this job in the hope of bypassing the expense of hiring a private investigator. They will talk to others and your partner will likely find out. Moreover, when friends follow a spouse, they will likely get caught, because they are not professional and do not know what they are doing. If you hire a private investigator after trying something like this, catching your spouse will be more difficult because they will know what is going on. Remember that the method a spouse utilizes can impact the results of the legal case in negative ways. A private investigator always conducts investigations in such a way as to adhere to proper laws and procedures. Moreover, friends who don’t know the various laws surrounding following someone, conducting surveillance or placing monitoring devices, can get themselves in trouble and even be prosecuted.

How a Private Investigator Can Help

You may already have some kind of evidence of infidelity, but with an investigation we can obtain important information which will likely be more concrete than the information a client could provide on his or her own. A private investigator can take pictures or video of the cheating partner engaging in romantic or other behavior that is suspicious in nature, prepare a detailed report and testify in court.

Consultation with a Private Investigator

Before making the decision to hire our services, the client is welcome to come in for a consultation. This gives us a chance to talk about your case in more detail. We can talk about the potential length of the investigation and the charges for the services that we offer then. We can also discuss what types of services are best suited to your case, such as conducting surveillance or monitoring social media accounts.

Remember that the cost of hiring a P.I. is far lower than the potential cost of doing nothing. It is also much better for you to get control of the situation, rather than be a victim.If you have any questions about your current situation, please give us, a private investigator in Sacramento, a call at (916) 865-8169.