How Much To Hire a Private Investigator To Find Someone

private investigator service pricing
We get many inquiries almost every day about “how much does it cost to find someone?”

Sometimes people want to know specifically “what is the cost of finding someone to serve in a lawsuit?” Others ask about the cost of finding a long-lost relative or friend. Some people want to know whether we can find a person if they only have few details about them. Yet others ask us “What can you find for me that I may not get from online consumer databases (e.g., TruthFinder or BeenVerified)?”

Before we discuss fees for particular services, it is worth looking closely and shedding some light at the shortcomings of online databases.

Consumer-grade databases (e.g., TruthFinder or BeenVerified) can be helpful in some situations, but the problem is that they are not always up-to-date and completely accurate. Therefore they also usually don’t provide the answers the clients are looking for. So if you want verifiable and good information about someone, then you should hire a professional Private Investigator. The fact is that Private Investigators have access to a different set of and much better databases, which contain more secure data.

The charges for digging up information on someone and finding someone varies based on how much information you need and how much basic information you have about them, how difficult is the case, how much work and time it will take, and geographical locations.

We promise to be completely transparent and upfront about our chances of finding the person. We do not take on cases, if we think we can’t help you, and we have a really high rate of success in finding people.