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Is Your Spouse Cheating?

Are the indiscretions of your spouse leading you to be more suspicious by the day? Do you find yourself in constant angst suspecting your partner of infidelity? Javan Investigations detectives are standing by to do the research, to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Our experienced operatives utilize the most cutting edge technology.

We practice covert surveillance techniques, computer and scientific forensics,and GPS tracking techniques to give you the answers to your suspicions and concerns.

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The Theories Behind Infidelity

In today’s society, the topic of cheating has become mainstream. According to scientific research, there are two primary theories behind the act of cheating. The first reasoning, is often referred to as ‘The Grass is Greener” syndrome. The feeling of incompleteness, underappreciated, loss of passion, loneliness or simply finding someone who seems to fulfill one’s needs at the moment. Each factor leads to the conclusion that infidelity arises from unresolved and underlying issues being experienced in the in partnership.
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In layman’s terms, a person experiences temporary unhappiness and instead of seeking the root they seek for love and affection outside of their partner. The second rationale is more theoretical and studies human nature. It examines the inability in maintaining a healthy and monogamous relationship. Facing deception and uncovering any sort of betrayal leaves one in great anguish. Javan Investigations operatives are here to provide the resources necessary to affirm or relieve you of your suspicions.