Litigation Support

At Javan Investigations we have investigators experienced in litigation support. We are capable of locating witnesses and victims, crime scene investigation procedures, trial preparation, defense investigation, interviewing and interrogating witnesses, victims, and criminals, surveillance techniques, difficult service of process, and expert testimony.

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Javan Investigations works in both criminal and civil cases, as well as lawsuits. We are well versed in organization and preparation in cases needing settlements and cases that go to trial. Our agency will contract with defense and/or the plaintiff, understanding that both sides need the expertise and experience of an investigative team such as our own. We will document all events, properly document and assess all damages, and identify any and all potentially liable parties.

At Javan Investigations we have ample experience working alongside litigation law firms when making preparations for going to trial. Our detectives have experience preparing necessary testimony for each case including, but not limited to, documentation, witness rebuttal, video tapes, diagrams, and photographic evidence. We have all the state of the art equipment and technology to conduct thorough investigations and collect ample evidence under even the most difficult of circumstances. We are the investigation team to call for all your child custody, court order violation, corporate investigation, domestic dispute, insurance and worker’s compensation, civil, and criminal cases. Javan Investigations is just a phone call away from giving you the peace of mind, and answers, you are seeking. Call us today!