Locate a Missing Person

If you ever experience the unfortunate circumstance of having to locate a missing person or loved one, we are here to help you. Our services address cases regarding runaways, abducted children, missing adults, an ex-partner, and long lost relatives of friends. Our investigators hold years of expertise and have access to databases to assist in locating those who are in hiding.

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Typically, our protocol in addressing such a case includes meeting with the client and retracing his or her last steps. Our team gathers information by speaking to those who maintained communication with the missing person to identify prospective scenarios that could have led to the disappearance. Such instances include alcohol or drug abuse, mental issues, and debt or relationship problems.

Javan Investigations detectives examine the missing person’s home and personal space to seek evidence such as travel tickets, bills and living conditions prior to departing. By examining the space our staff can determine if the person left willfully or against their will.