Most popular services offered by a private investigator in Sacramento

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Private investigators in Sacramento, like in any other location, handle a wide range of cases, based on client demand and the specific needs of the region. But most of these cases are in a few areas.

Here is a list of popular topics that private investigators in Sacramento might handle:

  1. Infidelity Investigations: Private investigators are often contacted to investigate suspicions of a cheating spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend and to conduct surveillance and an investigation to determine if the person’s partner is being unfaithful and to uncover the truth about their partner’s activities. If you’re living your life in worry and doubt, fearful that your spouse might be cheating, you need to find out the truth and put your mind at ease.
  2. Background Checks: Private investigators are often hired to conduct background investigations for employers, landlords, or individuals looking to verify someone’s history. Background checks examine a person’s history, and may reveal critical information, such as a person’s criminal history, credit, address history, professional history and social connections. The idea behind obtaining background information of a person or company is to have reliable information from a third party so you can make a better decision. A background check may be used for employment purposes or acceptance into a housing complex. Background checks may also be conducted when a person gets romantically involved with another person and wants to check if he or she has any skeletons in the closet.
  3. Child Custody Investigations: When people suspect that their child is being neglected or abused, or is indirectly being put in harm’s way by the other parent, or if they believe a parent is in violation of a court order, private investigators are contacted. We can help by gathering evidence to determine the best interests of the child. A private investigator can conduct a child custody investigation on your behalf to ensure that your children are safe, and collect evidence that can help to establish the truth about your child’s welfare and safety in the courtroom.
  4. Surveillance: One of the main reasons why someone may hire a private investigator is to conduct surveillance on a target. Surveillance is the covert observation of people, places and vehicles. Surveillance investigations can provide information about a person’s whereabouts and actions. A person may require surveillance if he or she believes another person may be trying to harm him or her, such as checking for a stalker or an abusive ex-partner. Private investigators utilize professional tactics and equipment to covertly monitor, follow and record a subject’s activities and interactions. They monitoring individuals or locations for various purposes, such as insurance fraud, employee misconduct, or suspicious activities and create a report for the client. Cases usually involve workers’ compensation, personal injury, corporate fraud, infidelity suspicions and others.
  5. Missing Persons: When people are looking for a friend, family member, or acquaintance, they hire private investigators to track them down. By utilizing their experience and training in conjunction with some of the Nation’s largest personal information databases, private investigators are able to quickly develop leads and follow up on those leads to begin finding the subject. Whether we are talking about runaway children, biological parents looking for their children, or family members looking to reunite with long-lost loved ones, private investigators can help to track them down or help families reconnect. Private investigators are also used in tracking down witnesses in a legal case and debtors.
  6. Insurance Fraud: Insurance Fraud is a crime involving one party deliberately trying to deceive or mislead another to inflict damage, by means of unjustly obtaining property or services. It has a detrimental effect on both insurance companies and policyholders. Fraudulent claims can cause insurance premiums to skyrocket, leading to substantial financial losses for insurers. Consequently, insurance companies often contact private investigators to detect and prevent fraudulent claims. Insurance fraud can take many forms, including fraudulent claims, staged accidents, and fake injuries. Investigators can use a variety of methods to investigate insurance fraud, including interviewing witnesses, reviewing medical records, and conducting surveillance. Private investigators also work on workers’ compensation frauds. These occur when employees make false claims of having sustained an injury while at work.
  7. Criminal Defense Investigations: Private investigators are invaluable to attorneys that they work with. We are hired by lawyers to diligently gather evidence and find witnesses to support the defense of individuals facing criminal charges. A strong defense with supporting evidence will be critical in defending yourself. A private investigator can re-visit the crime scene and see if anything was overlooked. We can assist lawyers by taking evidentiary photographs and video, testifying in court, and assembling evidence and reports for the trial. We have successfully helped thousands of criminal defendants charged with a vast array of felony, misdemeanor and violation offenses.
  8. Asset Searches: There could be many reasons why people are looking to find out what assets another person has in their name. Sometimes when persons are planning on getting married and wondering about their potential partner’s holdings, or when persons are getting a divorce and trying to discover what assets their former spouse is trying to hide from the divorce settlement, they contact private investigators. Private investigators can help to uncover tangible hidden assets such as cash, vehicles, securities, real estate, and lines of credit. We can help you find assets and collect from any person or company for purposes of judgment enforcement, debtor collection, litigation, and probate. When one business is looking to partner with another and they want to be sure of any potential liabilities that could be hidden from them, we can help with determining the actual financial holdings of the company.

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