Protect Your Company From Workers Comp Fraud

what private investigators do

It is very common in this day and age for employees to file workers compensation claims against their employers for a variety of reasons.

Workers compensation claims can be very lengthy and nasty in nature, especially when the claims are false and fraudulent. Many companies small or big deal with some sort of workers compensation situation at some point in time.

Though many claims can be legitimate, some are false and cause huge financial damage to a business. As an employer all companies should be prepared to deal with a situation involving workers compensation and workers comp fraud.

If an employee claims or opens a workers comp file against your company, there are a few things you as an owner/employer must do….

1) Consult with a Private Investigator
2) Plan surveillance to make sure the injury in valid
3) Keep all information confidential until the Private Investigator is done with your Investigation

Remember if an employee is falsifying an injury, you must prove to court that they are not injured with solid evidence such as video surveillance. Also it is very wise to get multiple days of evidence to make sure there is no doubt in the findings. We gather evidence of multiple occasions on different days and maybe even weeks to show without a doubt what the truth and extent of someone’s injury actually is.