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Private Investigator Services in the Sacramento Area

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Private Investigator Services

Private Investigator for Cheating and Infidelity in the Sacramento Area


Are the indiscretions of your spouse leading you to be more suspicious by the day? Do you find yourself in constant angst suspecting your partner of infidelity? Javan Investigations detectives are standing by to do the research, to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Our experienced operatives utilize the most cutting edge technology to practice covert surveillance techniques, computer and scientific forensics, and GPS tracking techniques to give you the answers to your suspicions and concerns.

The Theories Behind Infidelity

In today’s society, the topic of cheating has become mainstream. According to scientific research, there are two primary theories behind the act of cheating. The first reasoning, is often referred to as ‘The Grass is Greener” syndrome. The feeling of incompleteness, underappreciated, loss of passion, loneliness or simply finding someone who seems to fulfill one’s needs at the moment. Each factor leads to the conclusion that infidelity arises from unresolved and underlying issues being experienced in the in partnership.

In layman’s terms, a person experiences temporary unhappiness and instead of seeking the root they seek for love and affection outside of their partner. The second rationale is more theoretical and studies human nature. It examines the inability in maintaining a healthy and monogamous relationship. Facing deception and uncovering any sort of betrayal leaves one in great anguish. Javan Investigations operatives are here to provide the resources necessary to affirm or relieve you of your suspicions.

Hidden Assets

Hidden asset recovery is another one of the specialty areas covered by Javan Investigations. The Javan Investigations team has conducted concealed asset searches throughout the nation and the searches include brokerage accounts, hidden bank accounts, vehicles, real estate property, and aircraft, etc. Other related investigations also include asset verification, place of employment verification and residence verification.

Private Investigator for Hidden Asset Recovery in the Sacramento Area
Typically, assets are identified for the execution of child support cases, probate matters, litigation matters, and personal injury or malpractice settlements.

Our licensed detectives are able to provide you with thorough asset investigations and are able to obtain financial profiles of companies and individuals. The methodologies practiced are not only discreet but also in compliance with all provisions of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, Credit Reporting Act and the Graham Leach Bailey Act. Our findings can be utilized for permissibility purposes. When an asset investigation is conducted, the finding results are provided to the client in which he or she may utilize to support their civil or criminal proceedings, court order (subpoena) or restraining order.

Private Investigator for Inheritance Claims in the Sacramento Area

Unclaimed Inheritance

Property and monetary wealth is often left unclaimed by inheritors. Many are not even aware that they have been listed as a beneficiary to an inheritance. Javan Investigations detectives are here to assist you in seeking the possibility of claiming your prospective inheritance.

Locate a Missing Person

If you ever experience the unfortunate circumstance of having to locate a missing person or loved one, we are here to help you. Our services address cases regarding runaways, abducted children, missing adults, an ex-partner, and long lost relatives of friends. Our investigators hold years of expertise and have access to databases to assist in locating those who are in hiding.

Private Investigator for Locating a Missing Person in the Sacramento Area
Typically, our protocol in addressing such a case includes meeting with the client and retracing his or her last steps. Our team gathers information by speaking to those who maintained communication with the missing person to identify prospective scenarios that could have led to the disappearance. Such instances include alcohol or drug abuse, mental issues, and debt or relationship problems.

Javan Investigations detectives examine the missing person’s home and personal space to seek evidence such as travel tickets, bills and living conditions prior to departing. By examining the space our staff can determine if the person left willfully or against their will.

Private Investigator for Litigation Support in the Sacramento Area

Litigation Support

At Javan Investigations we have investigators experienced in locating witnesses and victims, crime scene investigation procedures, trial preparation, defense investigation, interviewing and interrogating witnesses, victims, and criminals, surveillance techniques, difficult service of process, and expert testimony.

Javan Investigations works in both criminal and civil cases, as well as lawsuits. We are well versed in organization and preparation in cases needing settlements and cases that go to trial. Our agency will contract with defense and/or the plaintiff, understanding that both sides need the expertise and experience of an investigative team such as our own. We will document all events, properly document and assess all damages, and identify any and all potentially liable parties.

At Javan Investigations we have ample experience working alongside litigation law firms when making preparations for going to trial. Our detectives have experience preparing necessary testimony for each case including, but not limited to, documentation, witness rebuttal, video tapes, diagrams, and photographic evidence. We have all the state of the art equipment and technology to conduct thorough investigations and collect ample evidence under even the most difficult of circumstances. We are the investigation team to call for all your child custody, court order violation, corporate investigation, domestic dispute, insurance and worker’s compensation, civil, and criminal cases. Javan Investigations is just a phone call away from giving you the peace of mind, and answers, you are seeking. Call us today!

Computer Forensics

Do you think your spouse, significant other, or employee is spending too much time in front of their computer? If so, we at Javan Investigations have the computer forensics experience you need. We have the equipment necessary to analyse your computer, through our forensic analysis experts, and recover evidence for civil cases and/or employee activity research. At Javan Investigations we have the support to investigate files, hard drives, and other computer storage and history, to get you the answers to your questions.

Private Investigator for Computer Forensics in the Sacramento Area
Private Investigator for Individuals in the Sacramento Area


Do you suspect your spouse/significant other is involved in an online relationship? You are not alone. Cyber infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce/break ups of individuals in the US today. At Javan Investigations our detectives will use very discreet and private operations to investigate your loved one and determine if they are committing cyber infidelity.

We employ online surveillance techniques that are state of the art and virtually impossible to track; giving the investigators the documentation, online activity records, identification, places visited, and names of people and places your spouse/significant other interacts with. Javan Investigations will provide you with a thorough and detailed report of all our findings, including photographs and video surveillance where necessary. Our detectives also have the training and experience to testify in court regarding any and all findings during their cyber investigation.


It is fairly common for businesses to experience employee separation, hacking and misconduct or fraudulent allegations. An organization is inadvertently exposed to threats on a daily basis. Some of these threats include the organization’s network computer. The digital realm places businesses in extreme risk as hacking has become a common issue in today’s workforce. The Javan Investigations team is capable to conduct forensic investigations remotely to help you take back your business.

Private Investigator for Businesses in the Sacramento Area
Private Investigator Countermeasures in the Sacramento Area


The Javan Investigations team offers endless technical surveillance counter measure (TSCM) tactics. TSCM is also commonly known as eavesdropping detection and bug-sweeping. The TSCM services are conducted in a diverse fashion. The services are piloted, but not limited to private rooms/spaces, vehicles, private aircraft, yachts, cell phone, corporate apartment, office settings, private residences, fax machines, office equipment, and telephones.

Javan Investigation operatives are also able to conduct a full sweep of your surrounding to check for the presence of hidden GPS or other tracker systems. Other tools our detectives utilize include bug sweeps, counterespionage, counter surveillance, counterespionage consulting, and eavesdropping detection. Javan Investigations has conducted cyber TSCM and anti-surveillance services for businesses, corporate counsels, non-profit organizations, celebrities, private individuals, chief executives and high net-worth individuals.

Javan Investigations is able to take things a step further by providing additional countermeasures that can mitigate or prevent the effects/threats to a network, server, or computer. This measure is highly recommended to prevent the occurrence of a malicious or incidental adverse event that could compromise your organization’s assets or integrity of your electronic system.

Pre-Employment Background Screenings

As a business owner it is vital to take all precautions necessary to protect your assets. Pre-employment background checks have become a common practice. Javan Investigations offers multiple levels of background checks to fulfill your organization’s needs. Some common levels of background clearance include entry-level employees through management level personnel.

Private Investigator for Background Checks in the Sacramento Area
Furthermore, due diligence screenings are also available for businesses contemplating the possible entrance of a partnership or other form of business relationship. Depending on your specifications, background screening reports come complete with a criminal check, lawsuits, address history, phone numbers, relatives, associates, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, property ownership, neighbors, marriage or divorce records and much more.
Private Investigator for Process Serving in the Sacramento Area

Process Serving

The Javan Investigations team is here to assist you with your legal needs. Our operatives can serve any legal or paper document within the United States. Javan Investigations is comprised of a network of litigation experts committed to providing reliable, flexible and professional services.

At Javan Investigations, we understand that each case is unique and requires specialized attention.

Some factors that are taken into account is the location where the serving will be occurring. Location is key as different measures need to be taken when serving at a person’s residence or place of business or employment. Other servings can occur through the mail or small court. Our staff is trained in the policies and rulings of each jurisdiction prior to determining the appropriate steps to process serving.


The realm of surveillance is endless. In todays society, dishonesty, fraudulent actions, crime, and infidelity occur at increasingly high rates. It is important that we utilize all tools available to us to keep us safe in a multitude of ways and surveillance is a key measure. Real-time surveillance can provide you with the evidence and proof you need to put your mind at ease about who you allow into your daily life, your home, your family, monetary assets and your career.

Private Investigator Surveillance in the Sacramento Area
Javan Investigations only utilized the state of the art covert surveillance techniques, computer forensics, mobile device and GPS tracking.
Private Investigator for Workplace Investigations in the Sacramento Area

Workplace Investigations

Employers are often faced with tough decisions including the conduction of a workplace investigation. Employers are responsible for providing their employees with a safe working environment and often organizations investigate various situations and employees. Some situations necessary of investigation include suspicions and complaints regarding substance abuse, discrimination, sabotage, harassment, threats, safety issues, workplace violations, theft and vandalism.

Every situation requires an investigation specifically tailored to meet the needs of the organization. Javan Investigations operatives are trained in utilizing the most advanced surveillance techniques, including state of the art equipment. Our team is comprised of specialized in investigations relating to workers’ compensation, Sub-Rosa and AOE/COE enquires. Javan Investigations operatives are proficient in piloting investigations related to workplace violence, espionage, covert surveillance, internal theft and TSCM/bug sweeps. Each detective is educated in the laws surrounding state and federal employment as well as in the privacy rights of the employer and employee.