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5 stars!
If you’re looking for PI services, do not look any further! Excellent service!
We had trouble finding someone to serve them papers for a restraining order. Many PI’s seemed kind of shady, but Peter gave us upfront information and walked us through the process from the beginning with clarity and explained the payment options. He is very trustworthy.
Peter’s persistence and professionalism is exactly what you want. He found and served the person we needed to find which was a huge relief. I cannot recommend him and his services enough.


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“I hired Peyman a few weeks ago to obtain evidence in a custody case that I was involved in. He was very accessible, professional, and through. After calling a few other PI companies, he was the only one that actually answered and remained accessible through the case. The rates are reasonable and he was very flexible in scheduling. His fieldwork and report was very comprehensive and left nothing to chance. Long story short, I have custody of my 3 children! Highly Recommend!”
“I contacted Javan Investigations to do a background investigation on someone I was considering to hire. The information provided by the team was very thorough and in-depth. They also exceeded my expectations by providing me with the results in half the time I had expected. I will definitely be using Javan Investigations for my future hiring needs and would strongly recommend their services.”
“I came across Javan Investigations through a friend who highly recommended them. I have been stuck between a rock and a hard place for awhile now as I have been suspecting my partner of cheating. Peyman was great and provided me with beneficial guidance in taking the necessary steps to get the most out of the services provided. I was not led on or forced to pay an excessive amount for a lagged investigation.

I was provided with visual/live video surveillance within the week, which I needed to finally put my suspicions to rest. I want to thank the Javan Investigations team for all of their professionalism and their guidance along the way!”

“I’m going through a divorce and even during the separation period I felt like I was being spied on. I suspected that my husband was tapping my phone. A close colleague recommended that I called Javan Investigations. My call was received the same day and a meeting was set for the following day at my home. The head of the company,

Peyman came and he found a voice-activated recorder in a potted plant in the study…. where I telework from and take most calls. Then, I asked about doing surveillance on my husband. The next weekend Peyman had a team in place. They found out that my husband has been having an affair, and they provided me with digital photos and video of the two of them together. As hard as this is to know, my lawyer now has this information. I’m hoping this will help a lot with the overall divorce settlement and custody issues.”

“I went through a very nasty divorce and needed help fast in gathering information on my ex husband for my divorce and custody hearing that was coming up in less than a month. After researching private investigators to help me I ultimately decided to go with Javan Investigations. I am more than happy that I did and was so fortunate to have worked with Peyman.

First and foremost he was genuinely concerned about my situation and I could tell that he was honestly interested in making sure that he gathered as much intel on my ex to ensure that my case was air tight. Anytime Peyman had information he always called me right away and when I had info I called him and he was always available to speak with me and if I did have to leave a message he called me back within the hour.

I would highly recommend him he is easy to work with, fast, professional and overall he goes above and beyond to make sure that you the consumer/client get all the evidence that you need to win your case. In my personal situation based on the investigatory evidence that Payman provided me with I was able to get all that I was asking plus more. His investigation skill are far superior to anyone that I looked into in the Sacramento/Central Valley and in the future should anything else arise I will be using Javan Investigations.”

“Peter opened the doors to so many answers and so many questions. I am so amazed at the accuracy of my the information Peter was able to provide me with. I was able to find my Father, whom I had not seen in over 15 years. Within the same report, listed as an associate, was my younger sister’s father’s information, whom she had not seen since she was 3 months old as a baby! I cannot explain how much peace and hope our family has. This was the best decision ever! The report Peter provided solved two mysteries, and now other people I know are wanting to find their family, because they see it is worth it! Thank you very much Peter, you were very fast, professional, accurate, and life changing!”
“After twenty years living outside California, most of these overseas, my husband and I had lost contact with some extended family members and good friends. Having reached a dead end in our own search, a friend suggested that we contact a private investigator.

While I contacted several investigators, Javan Investigations was the first to get back to me. Peyman was able to give me some solid leads even with fragmented information to find old friends and family members. He was friendly, courteous and prompt. Moreover, the costs were reasonable.

Thanks, Peyman!!!”

“Wow! He made us feel like we were the most important case he had. His determination and doggedness were unending. He did not quit until the impossible task we gave him was finished. Finding someone online and giving them money felt pretty risky. It was without a doubt worth every penny. Thank you for all the hours you spent on this and for completing an investigation I had little hope could be concluded in the short time we gave you!”
“I cannot express the appreciation we have for Javan investigations. We sought out a private investigator for a child custody case we had going on. My wife and I were extremely hesitant to hire someone for an investigation because we had assumed that investigators were out for money and did not care about your situation. We are extremely grateful for peyman and everything he has done. He was extremely professional, organized and knowledgeable of any questions we had and his work was exactly what we had hoped for with an investigation. We would recommend Javan investigations to anyone and we are confident in saying you will not be disappointed!”
“I hired Javan investigations for child custody case and didn’t know what to expect. Peyman was extremely helpful and professional. He patiently took his time to listen to the details of my case and came up with the best strategy.Within a few weeks I had the answers I needed and proceeded on with my court case. Peyman thank you very much for your help as it help me a lot and getting custody of my child. Within a few weeks I had the answers I needed and proceeded on with my court case. Peyman thank you very much for your help as it helped me in getting custody of my child.”
“THE BEST IN BUSINESS, I don’t know where to start Amazing, Afforable, Brilliant, customer service and response time was like less than an hour, I called bunch of investigators they all talked about RETAINER and very high price, than I got in touch with Peter the best money I’ve ever spent, the quality the job was done in hours it could have taken a long time but Peter is very precise honest and respectful he gets the job done in timely manner and walks you through step by step he even ran a free background for me I’m forever in debt to Peter and grateful to Lord Almighty God for sending me to the right person. I would recommend Peter to anyone who needs investigative report this man is something else so surreal I cannot emphasize enough how good Peter is I would give him 100 stars but it only goes to 5 so let just end it with 5+ thank you.”
“My family and I had noticed that some assets were missing from the home. We have about 3 staff members that have full access to our home 2-3 times a week. I recalled neighbor had mentioned a similar issue in the past and I reached out to see which company they had utilized. I contacted Javan Investigations and we met for coffee to discuss my concerns and to come up with a resolution. It was suggested that my family inadvertently plan to be away from the home longer than usual to see if any of the staff enter the home and to see if anything else went missing from the home. The Javan Investigations caught footage of one of our staff entering the home during an inapproriate time and a purposefully planted item was taken from the home. Unfortunately, our suspicions were true and this led us to terminating the employee after filing a report. The footage was very clear and I was able to use video as supplemental evidence for my report.”