Tips on what to do before hiring a PI for infidelity.

what private investigators do

Cheating is a situation that no one wants to be involved in, but unfortunately it can happen to anyone.

If you are looking to hire a Private investigator to investigate the possible infidelity, there are a few things that you should remember and keep note of to present to your investigator.

  1. Keep a tentative schedule to whatever extent you can of your partners activity. This includes his/her hours of work, time spent away from home, associates that you know of, workout routine and any other factor that could narrow down the window of opportunity for them to cheat. This allows your investigator to utilize your hours wiser and be able to gather more effective evidence for your case.
  2. Try to keep your cool. What I mean here is that, do not show your partner any sign of confidence or change of behavior as to you knowing what they are up to or that you have hired a PI and they will catch them soon. Remember if your partner thinks that they are getting away with their lies and that you are acting as normal as can be, they will continue their infidelityInfidelity behavior and that is the perfect opportunity for a PI to catch them red handed. This may be very hard to do as humans we are very emotional but if you keep calm you will get the best evidence usually.
  3. One last important factor is you keeping it all confidential until the Private Investigator has concluded their investigation. What I mean here is that we all have family and friends that we feel close to and discuss our problems with. As much as you may feel that you would like to discuss this with someone close to you, I recommend to keep the information to a very small circle in order to not have an accidental leak of information to our person of interest you are investigating.