What does a private investigator do?

what private investigators do
A Private investigator handles a variety of different types of cases. Our Sacramento area private investigation services talk in detail about each types of cases we handle. A Private Investigator acts as a potential catalyst in providing video and other evidence to aid in either court or family disputes. Private investigators do not produce evidence themselves but rather capture and gather evidence for clients.
Many people have the wrong idea about what private investigators can and can’t do.

First thing that should be mentioned is that, private investigators cannot wiretap individuals cellular devices. Lots of clients request a private investigator to record phone calls. Even though an investigators could be capable of a wiretap, wiretapping a phone needs the permission of the other party and almost no one will give that kind of permission.

Private investigators are not allowed to trespass on private property. They are not permitted to break into anyone’s residence, vehicles without the permission of the other party just the same as enforcement.

Private investigators can run background checks on individuals. Almost all private investigators usually have access to expensive equipment and multiple databases that gather public information from different location. This can show important information about a individual that another party might be interested in. Background checks usually show important information such as a criminal charge and conviction.