What does a Process Server do?

process serving papers

A process server is a person who delivers documents that inform a person that legal action is being taken against them. According to the California law, each person involved must be adequately informed of court actions and any documents pertaining to these actions must be delivered in person. Process serving informs all parties in a legal action or lawsuit of the proceedings. This gives everyone the chance to respond to the legal action and have their time in court. For example, if you file for divorce, your spouse has to be served with the divorce papers.

Process service is generally accomplished by identifying the person and handing the person the document. Anyone who is over 18 years of age and not a party to the lawsuit can serve legal papers. But your best option is to hire a process server who is responsible for knowing and understanding the laws related to serving legal documents in the state, since a process server must follow the law for serving legal documents in California. Moreover, improper service can cause case delays. You can even risk your case being dismissed. Therefore, hiring a professional to serve your papers correctly is worth it.

The process server can not trespass while attempting to serve. The server cannot use threats or harassment to serve papers or pretend to be a law enforcement officer. But a process server can come back or wait for the person to leave. When a person is avoiding service, this means that you won’t have access to these people, which could pose quite a problem if you’re dealing with a time limit and legal deadlines.

We can help you, if you need an expert to find someone and serve them with legal documents. When the person(s) can not be located or they may be intentionally avoiding the subpoena, we conduct research to locate witnesses or defendants with private investigation techniques such as surveillance and skip tracing.

We conduct ourselves professionally, follow all applicable statutes and immediately document what has happened. We provide solid evidence that the defendant or witness in a legal action has been given a chance to respond in court. So, your affidavit of service returns promptly to you, once the service has been performed.

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