What kind of surveillance do we perform?

video surveillance

Javan Investigations provide a full spectrum of surveillance investigation services. You may ask, isn’t surveillance just surveillance? The answer is no. Every case is unique. Moreover, different kinds of investigations require different forms of surveillance.

Surveillance is the covert observation of people, places and sometimes vehicles, which we use to investigate allegations of illegal behavior. These techniques range from physical observation to the electronic monitoring of conversations.

To decide what type of surveillance system best suits your needs, we need to know what your priorities and needs are. We need to know when and where evidence can be obtained during a surveillance investigation. The cost of a surveillance job will vary depending on the features and the kind of service you need. We know the law and we have a lot of experience to get the evidence you need. For example, we are equipped with smart features for recording footage which can be incredibly useful for criminal investigations.

We specialize in the following types cases:

  • Infidelity / Cheating
  • Child Custody / Family Law
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Automobile Accident
  • Employee Theft

Our investigators are trained professionals that can handle most requests. Unlike most other investigators, we will tell you if we can not handle your investigation. We take pride in being ethical during all of our investigations.

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