When Do I Need to Hire a Private Investigator?

hiring a private investigator
Sometimes lawyers recommend hiring a private investigator. Lawyers may have their own contacts or they may recommend that you find your own private investigator. The following are some situations in which you may need a private investigator to assist you with your legal case.

Finding and Locating Someone

If a person is getting divorced, then he or she usually must have their spouse served. But this may be difficult, if you have lost contact with them or don’t know where they are. In some legal cases, you may want to locate a defendant or a witness. Some people will try to avoid being located because they don’t want to go to court or they think that they can avoid the consequences of the action against them. A private investigator can help you locate an individual and provide you with a current address. An investigator can conduct a background check to find old addresses, phone numbers, and connections that can often lead to locating such an individual.&

Locating and finding Properties

In some divorce cases, you may want to find out whether your spouse owns or may be hiding any properties. A private investigator can research property records to find this out. In addition, we can analyze mortgage information pertaining to property holdings. If a person has filed bankruptcy, we can retrieve and analyze records related to the bankruptcy. We can also help identify bank account information and foreign assets.

Collection of Evidence

In divorce cases, you may want to find out whether your spouse has been unfaithful to you. In many civil cases, you may need to have a lot of information about the other side. A private investigator can conduct surveillance to help uncover any improper relationship. If you suspect that the marriage was entered into fraudulently, a private investigator can help you to locate any and all marriage and divorce records and filings.

Private investigators can gather any criminal and civil information about individuals. Since so many people are now involved with social media, we can also investigate social networks and other social media presence to help uncover any useful information. Private investigators can also conduct surveillance in person and track a person’s movements and record their activities in order to gather more information about them.

Finding Background Information

Private investigators have the ability to look closely into the background of the other party or witnesses. For instance, we can locate local, state and federal arrest records. We can also search for any civil filings made by or against an individual. We can also investigate professional backgrounds to find out whether the party or the witness has been disciplined professionally or had a professional license suspended or revoked.

Working for Lawyers

Private investigators can help civil lawyers or criminal defense lawyers with many aspects of a legal case. They may, for instance, be asked to investigate the evidence in order to reach an independent conclusion regarding the evidence. For example, they may conduct an independent investigation of the evidence. They may also be retained by insurance companies when the injured victim claims to have suffered a disability, but there is credible suspicion that they are exaggerating the extent or impact of their injury.

Specific Assistance

If you believe that you may benefit from the use of a private investigator, then please contact us to learn more about the specific services that we offer. The investigation services vary depending on the investigator and their location.

If you have any questions about your current situation, please give us, a private investigator in Sacramento a call at (916) 865-8169.